Types of foot strikes

Because each foot is different, the shoe that works for one runner may not work for another…

Type 1


If you’ve been referred to as “flat footed,” then you are most likely a pronator. Pronation occurs when you arch flattens, causing your foot and ankle to roll inward. This can lead to stress on the ankles, shin splints and other unpleasant issues.

Type 2


Or under pronating. Instead of striking flat, you have high arches. Much of the cushion and shock absorption of an under pronator is lost on impact. If you can’t get to neutral the foot can’t absorb the shock and your leg and ankles takes the shock. This outward roll can cause plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, and other injuries.

Type 3


A neutral foot strike occurs when you don’t pronate or supinate. This is the ideal strike and leads to the least amount of injuries. A custom fitted shoe aims to get your strike to a neutral position improving your overall body position.

Which foot Strike do i have?

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