Billings, Montana

Part of the Community since 1990 

Time Out Sports has been a part of the Billings community for over 27 years. We have grown to be the best running shoe store in Eastern Montana.

We have been fortunate to work with several orthopedic doctors, podiatrists, and physical therapy centers. Fifty percent of our customers come to us initially through a doctor referral. Because of our joint efforts, we have put many athletes and everyday customers back to running and walking pain free.

A Wide Variety

Shoes,Apparel, And Gear

Remember, your feet are important no matter what level of activity you do. You do not have to be an athlete to benefit from the correct shoe. From couch potato to ultra-marathoner, your feet are the most important thing in the world to not only you, but to us as well!

Individualized Service

Attention to personal fit

The philosophy of Time Out Sports is to give every person the highest degree of service. We take pride in selecting superior products that fit the needs of our customers. We will match the customer’s foot type and maladies with the shoe that will work best for them and we will continue to be innovative in our approach to products and the best methods to serve our customers.

100% Satisfaction

We never want anyone stuck with a pair of shoes they aren’t happy with. We love our customers and satisfaction is guaranteed. In fact, we offer a 10% discount to returning customers because, well just because.

The Story

In January of 1990, owner Cindy Thompson was an athlete living her passion. While training for a triathlon, Cindy needed a pair of shoes. A pair of shoes that could support the grueling hundreds of miles she was going to put her body through. She was shopping one day when someone said “What about this shoe? Isn’t it cute?” That’s when she knew.

She knew she was tired of her shoes never fitting properly. She was tired of not getting the right shoe for her foot. She was tired of the “one shoe fits all” mentality. A new passion was born. A passion for individualized service and attention to personal fit. A passion for providing her customers exactly what they need. A true sit and fit store emerged.

Meet The Team

Meet our highly knowledgable, trained staff

Travis Hutchinson

Travis has been part of the Time Out Sports team for 3 years and brings an enthusiasm to our store that simply can’t be rivaled. A high school and MSU-B runner he lives his passion as Race Director for the Yellowstone Kelly MountainMan triathlon. He works with Competitive Timing and has his fingers in most of the area races.

Yang Z Yang

Yang is a Rocky Mountain College graduate and has spent most her life playing volleyball. Hailing from a village in China, she has brought a wonderful dynamic to our team for the last two years. Yang has an intense drive and as the Assistant Volleyball coach at Rocky brings out the best in her players.

Matt Robert

Matt is a Billings native that has been with Time Out Sports since 1994. His passion for the business of fitness and our customers is unmatched. Matt has learned our business inside and out, one foot at a time. An avid exerciser and New York Mets fan, Matt is a perfect fit. 

Miranda Jellison

Miranda Jellison started running early and was a successful high school and collegiate runner. She’s a detail fanatic, which makes her accounting degree from Rocky Mountain College even a more perfect fit. Her sweet disposition is a perfect fit for our customers and she loves taking time to listen and truly meet someone’s needs.

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